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Now is the time to prepare your bid for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF). This fund is designed to help rural communities lessen the gap that exists in digital capability. The $20.4 billion fund is intended to provide highspeed broadband networks to under-served rural areas across the U.S., increasing digital access to some 6 million homes and businesses.

In applying for RDOF funding it is essential to submit a solid plan that will assure your project is considered and approved. SQUAN brings expertise and precision planning by helping to identify and implement the best network architecture. SQUAN will also design and budget your project with the ultimate result leading to an accurate and potentially successful bid.

SQUAN’S experienced engineering team will partner with you to provide an end-to-end solution, identifying the best network architecture for your community’s needs. By following prescribed requirements, SQUAN will design and determine project materials, costs analysis, and handle logistics and inventory management.
SQUAN is a leading services provider of design-build infrastructure for both wireline and wireless network operators, developers and other related organizations including municipalities and utilities. SQUAN provides telecom infrastructure solutions across all three key areas including: Fiber, Engineering, Wireless and related DAS. SQUAN built infrastructure is in some of the best known and architecturally significant buildings and communities across the U.S.
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