About Us
Focused on converging and emerging technologies for the next-generation network experience, SQUAN delivers a lifecycle of network solutions. With end-to-end turnkey service capabilities, SQUAN partners with clients to create and deliver a cutting-edge scalable telecom-munications infrastructure.

Capitalizing on SQUAN’s legacy of excellence and safety, we design, build and maintain wireless and wireline networks. Our expertise includes fiber, engineering, wireless, DAS, under-ground high-voltage cable, and storm response.

Our clients are major telecommunication customers, service providers, major network providers, municipalities, and utilities that we assist with specialized networks, network design, network deployment, power cable install and removal, utility pole projects, and emergency response /storm repair.

Our highly experienced PMO, engineering, deployment , and technical services teams are expert in all capabilities from outside and inside plant design, tower build , temporary towers, Small Cell site solutions, Fiber deployments, and aerial services.

SQUAN designs network capacity dedicated to creating value and delivering satisfaction to our customers.
Unrivaled in its commitment
to excellence
Collaborating on the most cutting-
edge network infrastructure
Consistently delivers measurable
data and satisfied clients