Smart Cities Are a Truly Different Kind of Telco Business

Wednesday, December 19

Smart Cities Are a Truly Different Kind of Telco Business

The opportunity for service providers in smart cities is broader and harder to pin down than anything we’ve covered in the past. Like the recent service provider moves in content and studio ownership, smart cities deployments integrate carrier technologies, networks, processes and people deeper into a wide swath of industries that telcos previously only served at a relative distance, as a reliable utility.

Indeed, we’re used to looking at a service provider’s business and just following the breadcrumbs back to connectivity. But smart cities have a lot more going on, and the best-case scenarios of network operators are where they can find revenue opportunities even when applications, devices and programs are running on someone else’s network.

Ovum estimates that connectivity will only be about 5% to 10% of the overall value that is created by the smart cities opportunity. Even while it is being talked about constantly, especially in the case of 5G deployments, providing broadband to underpin smart cities is only a foot in the door, Ovum has found.

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