NJ Transit WiFi Install

Wednesday, November 25

NJ Transit WiFi Install

In 2013, Cablevision Systems Corporation signed an exclusive contract with NJ Transit to provide WiFi services at all 165 rail stations in the State of New Jersey.  Cablevision selected SQUAN as the primary contractor to provide Survey, Design and Construction services for this project.

Since being selected for the work in October 2013, services that SQUAN has provided to Cablevision include:

  • Existing WiFi Coverage Analysis – Utilizing the Air Magnet data collection tool, SQUAN surveyed each station and produced a report detailing the current WiFi coverage and data speeds from Cablevision’s existing strand mount WiFi infrastructure. Coverage gaps were identified for use in the design process.
  • WiFi Design / Projected Coverage – Working closely with Cablevision, SQUAN developed the Access Point layout for each station, and produced reports showing projected coverage once the new APs were combined with the existing coverage.
  • Estimation Surveys – Working alongside Cablevision, SQUAN conducted pre-construction surveys at each station in order to accurately detail the scope of work and cost. In some cases, this included “rod and roping” of existing conduits to determine space availability for the new fiber and CAT5 cable runs.
  • Bench Testing – Prior to installation, SQUAN bench tests all switches and APs to ensure operation and interoperability between devices.
  • Construction Services – At each station, SQUAN’s construction work included conduit installation; mounting of APs and antennas; pulling, terminating and testing fiber optic and CAT5 cable; painting to match exposed elements; switch installation; and installing power and grounding for all devices.
  • Final Coverage Survey and Analysis – After a station is activated, SQUAN, utilizing Air Magnet, carries out a detailed survey of the station to determine the final coverage and data speed performance of Cablevision WiFi. A detailed report is produced to document the resulting coverage and make suggestions for optimization.
  • Close Out Documentation – For each station, SQUAN produces a close out package which includes a red-line of the construction drawings (also known as “as-builts”); a spreadsheet detailing all AP and switch locations, serial numbers and MAC addresses; CAT5 cable and fiber optic cable test results; and detailed site photographs of the final installation.
  • Maintenance Services – SQUAN continues to provide WiFi maintenance services to Cablevision on an-as needed basis for repairs and upgrades.

Through July 2015, SQUAN has completed work at 67 NJ Transit train stations for Cablevision.  SQUAN is looking forward to completing the NJ Transit train station WiFi build out by the end of 2015, and continuing to support Cablevision with ongoing maintenance and upgrade support into 2016 and beyond.