iDEN Decommissioning

Wednesday, November 25

iDEN Decommissioning

In an effort to migrate their customers to a faster, stronger network, in June 2013 Sprint shut down its legacy iDEN Nextel National Network, powering down all iDEN equipment and eliminating backhaul at each cell site. SQUAN was engaged to help with this process, and was awarded over 5,000 iDEN network sites to decommission throughout the Northeast Region.

A key requirement of this project was to complete the decommissioning within strict deadlines. Many leases of iDEN sites had fixed termination dates, which required SQUAN to coordinate the removal of equipment from landlord properties before the expiry of those leases.

To achieve timely decommissioning, SQUAN implemented a ‘best practices methodology’ for site acquisition and construction. Decommissioning services included management, equipment removal, permitting, landlord negotiations and recycling. This project required 100% non-landfill disposal of all equipment and material; SQUAN ensured all deconstructed items (cables, batteries and concrete shelters) were repurposed or reused.

The Sprint iDEN Deconstruction Project was an important and noteworthy opportunity for SQUAN to establish a broader footprint along the Northeastern corridor and develop a stronger geographic presence.