Gotham West DAS Build

Wednesday, November 25

Gotham West DAS Build

The Gotham Organization, a real estate developer in New York City, reached out to SQUAN to design and install a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at their newest residential property, Gotham West, on 11th Avenue and 45th Street in the Hell’s Kitchen District of NYC.

Covering an entire city block, Gotham West includes a 32-story tower with 698 apartments and 671,000 square feet of living space, as well as three smaller mid-rise units and a 10,000 square foot landscaped courtyard.

Gotham wanted to ensure that their residents would have reliable voice and data service in their apartments, and in the common hallways and amenities in the building. After carefully reviewing their options, Gotham decided that SQUAN’s DAS provided the most technically thorough and cost effective solution for them.

SQUAN’s DAS utilized CommScope’s ion-B equipment to transmit wireless carrier signals from the Head End on the Cellar Level to each of the 44 remotes mounted in the IDF closets throughout the building.  Remote amplifiers were then connected to a network of 275 antennas and over 15,000 feet of coaxial cabling to provide reliable RF coverage over the entire building.

In parallel with the construction effort, SQUAN reached out to Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) in order to convince them to join the Gotham West DAS.  This process included reviewing the detailed DAS design with the WSP RF Engineers, gaining their approval, and negotiating with Gotham to secure and execute access agreements from each carrier. Ultimately, SQUAN was able to bring AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile on board.

The system construction was completed by SQUAN in late 2013, including installation of the Base Station equipment for each of the wireless carriers.  The DAS went “live” with the 3 carriers in early 2014, ready for the opening of the building to the residents.