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Cell phone networks are now all about capacity where in the past
they were all about coverage. The time Americans spent on the cell
phones grew by 394% from just 2010 to 2014. Consumer demands
for coverage and data capacity and buildings built of steel, concrete
and low-e glass have meant that existing macro networks are
New capacity solutions are necessary and Distributed Antenna
Systems(DAS) are port of the solution and are becoming critical for:
» Large commercial real estate
» Sporting venues
» Large scale facilities

Wi-fi routes traffic directly onto the internet and today’s consumers
expect businesses to provide it with many businesses not meeting
this demand. By 2019 two-thirds of internet traffic is expected to be
wireless with more capacity needed to meet peak demand. Part of a
mix of of short-range wireless solutions including DAS and small cells,
wi-fi will be vital by offloading traffic from cellular networks.
We have extensive experience in major wi-fi projects.
We offer end to end services including:
» Extensive coverage analysis
• Wi-fi design
• Bench testing
• Full in-house fiber installation, testing, connectorizing and splicing
• Licensed electrical installation
• Wi-fi systems installation
• Site optimization and troubleshooting
• Maintenance services
• Final coverage survey and analysis
• Repair, storm support, and disaster recovery