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Importance of Transport (Fiber, AAV & Backhaul)

Backhaul of wireless traffic is one of the biggest issues in wireless deployment. The widespread deployment of microcells to add capacity presents new backhaul challenges.

The need to add backhaul capacity will only increase. In a recent report, ACG Research forecast that mobile bandwidth requirements would grow at a compound annual rate of 52% per person through to 2020. ACG suggested that 10Gbps backhaul links to the access network would be required to meet that demand in a mid-sized city.

While backhaul will be provided by a mix of technologies, including traditional DS-1 and DS-3 and microwave, the future of backhaul is fiber. Increasingly, access to the fiber needed to add backhaul capacity is being provided through AAVs, rather than local exchange carriers (LECs). In 2012, 53% of T-Mobile’s backhaul network was supplied by Alternative Access Vendors (AAV), with just 47% provided through LECs.


Squan's Transport Services

SQUAN offers comprehensive engineering, installation and quality assurance of backhaul solutions, including:

  • Fiber Engineering
  • Full in-house fiber installation: testing, connectorizing, splicing and maintenance
  • Microwave design, pathing, testing and turn-up
  • Ethernet installation
  • DS-1 and DS-3 installation
  • Cat 5 & 6 installation and testing
  • Fiber conduit installation

Squan's Transport Experience

SQUAN offers an immense breadth and depth of Fiber, AAV & Microwave skills. We have delivered fiber and microwave solutions on 5,000 separate wireless installations. Moreover, SQUAN has engineered over 20,000 miles of fiber for cable and wireline customers since 2009.


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Case Studies

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Case Studies
Case Study

FedEx Field Service Restoration

When a major carrier had lost their DAS system just prior to the home opener, SQUAN was tasked with getting the service up and running as quickly as possible. SQUAN's DAS Black Ops team installed antennas and...

Case Studies
Case Study

Canon World Headquarters

SQUAN was responsible for the complete build of the Tyco Electronics (TE) DAS, Public Safety and Two-Way Radio System at Canon's nearly 1,000,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Long Island, NY...

Case Studies
Case Study

PSE&G Temp Towers

In an effort to keep capacity and coverage in place SQUAN assisted in the deployment of temporary towers in New Jersey in 2012. This effort was to assist with an upgrade project on all PSE&G towers from...