Cheytec’s Accelerate Program Promotes Enterprise-funded DAS Gains Momentum

Wednesday, December 19

Program to Promote Enterprise-funded DAS Gains Momentum

A fully deployed DAS or in-building small cell system without the carriers’ signals is going nowhere fast. In today’s DAS market where the vast majority of buildings do not garner carrier funding, building owners need help to add signal sources from all carriers, as well as the base station equipment, to make their DAS operational.

That was the idea when Cheytec Telecommunications began a program called “Accelerate” in January. Cheytec has the ability to procure and license the wireless carrier-certified RF signal sources and the base station equipment required to power in-building systems, equipment that was previously only available directly to the wireless carriers. Through strategic partnerships, Cheytec is bringing that ability to DAS providers, facilitating sales to building owners and thus opening up the enterprise market.

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