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Why Wi-fi

Wi-fi transmits data over radio frequencies, similarly to small cell technology. Small cells operate on licensed spectrum and route traffic through carrier networks, whereas wi-fi uses unlicensed spectrum and routes traffic directly onto the internet. As a mature and widespread technology, consumers are familiar with wi-fi and demand it. While 80% of businesses believe consumers expect wi-fi from them, just 43% provide it to their customers.[i] Wi-fi is critical to the future of wireless infrastructure. By 2019, two-thirds of internet traffic will be wireless.[ii] Internet traffic is rising faster in busy periods, and more capacity is needed to meet peak demand. Part of a mix of short-range wireless solutions including DAS and small cells, wi-fi will be vital by offloading traffic from cellular networks.


Wi-fi Services

SQUAN provides turnkey wi-fi solutions, addressing every stage of installation and offering 24/7 maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. Our exceptional safety record offers customers peace of mind while we work on site.

Wi-fi deployment services we offer include:

  • Existing coverage analysis
  • Wi-fi design
  • Estimation surveys
  • Bench testing
  • Full in-house fiber installation, testing, connectorizing, and splicing
  • Licensed electrical installation
  • Wi-fi systems installation
  • Ethernet installation
  • Site optimization and troubleshooting
  • Maintenance services
  • Final coverage survey and analysis
  • Repair, storm support, and disaster recovery

Squan’s Expertise in Wi-fi

SQUAN has extensive experience in major wi-fi projects.

SQUAN is currently Cablevision’s primary contractor on a project to provide wi-fi to all 165 rail stations in New Jersey. SQUAN is providing survey, design and construction services on the project, applying its expertise to everything from coverage analysis and design through to construction, close out, and maintenance. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2015, with maintenance and ongoing support continuing into 2016.

If we can assist with your wi-fi project contact us via the button below to make an inquiry or request a quote.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies
Case Study

FedEx Field Service Restoration

When a major carrier had lost their DAS system just prior to the home opener, SQUAN was tasked with getting the service up and running as quickly as possible. SQUAN's DAS Black Ops team installed antennas and...

Case Studies
Case Study

Canon World Headquarters

SQUAN was responsible for the complete build of the Tyco Electronics (TE) DAS, Public Safety and Two-Way Radio System at Canon's nearly 1,000,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Long Island, NY...

Case Studies
Case Study

PSE&G Temp Towers

In an effort to keep capacity and coverage in place SQUAN assisted in the deployment of temporary towers in New Jersey in 2012. This effort was to assist with an upgrade project on all PSE&G towers from...