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Small Cell Wireless Coverage Solutions

Role of Small Cells

One of the challenges with the current wireless infrastructure today in deploying a range of solutions to meet ever-rising demand. By 2019, 80% of consumer internet traffic will be video, up from 64% today. Much of that will be watched on mobile. Between 2014 and 2019, mobile internet traffic is projected to increase by a factor of ten.[i] This massive increase in demand will require investment to maintain sufficient network capacity. Small cells can enhance the umbrella coverage provided by a macrocell, or provide coverage beyond macrocell range. Today, small cells, along with DAS, are essential supplements to macro coverage in today’s cellular networks.



Benefits and Challenges of Small Cell Projects

Installation of small cells is different to deployment of traditional macro antennas.

  • More flexible deployment, incorporating technologies including 4G, LTE and Wifi.
  • Because propagation is short-range, small cells can use high frequencies, easing bandwidth pressure on the lower end of the spectrum.
  • Small cells can overcome coverage issues at long distances from macro towers, behind obstacles, or indoors.

However, small cell deployment also poses unique challenges:

  • Site acquisition presents different challenges to macro, often requiring negotiations with public bodies, utilities, and private property owners. SQUAN is well-versed in small cell site acquisition.
  • Small cells have different radio propagation characteristics that must be considered in site selection and deployment. Further, indoor and outdoor radio propagation are different. SQUAN’s RF engineers work with technicians to design and optimize small cell antennas.
  • Monitoring and management of small cells is complicated by the greater number of small cell wireless sites—a challenge SQUAN handles with its around-the-clock maintenance and monitoring.

Squan’s Experience in Small Cells

Having completed more than 6,000 projects, SQUAN’s wireless expertise includes many successful small cell projects, including installations for Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile,  and small cell budget planning for Sprint.

Squan’s expert project management team assists customers during every stage of a wireless deployment, from initial site survey and acquisition, through to configuration and testing.

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